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What do we offer to students?

ScienceInBox offers Science Products, Science Clubs, Science Shows, Science Fairs and provides assistance in STEM teaching, delivering practical experience and creating scientific platforms for school requirements.

Our Key Solutions:

  1. Grade-wise Activity Kits – Ideal for home work and free period activities that are fun and engaging
  2. Science Club – All equipped world-class science club for continuous engagement and talent showcase
  3. One-day Workshop – A mass workshop session for focused learning in a fun environment
  4. ScienceFiesta – Mega science event at school where our Museum comes to you
  5. Classroom Kit – Highly durable exhibit used for demonstrating the science concepts in textbooks

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We run regular workshops in
classroom for mastering the Science
concepts, linked with syllabus. Each
session includes hands-on activities
and model making session followed
by a short evaluation.

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We setup or upgrade the Science Club
in Schools with our Tinkering Lab and
Science Challenges. The club is
equipped with DIY Science Kits, Science
Equipments, Robotics and Electronics
Kits and caters to kids of all age groups.

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Do-It-Yourself kits, assisted with
detailed instructions and
Workbooks. You can choose from
300 different kits to learn thousands.
of concepts. Ideal to give as a gift to
deserving students.

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Science In Box Provides helps
schools in STEM Learning with regular
Science, Robotic and Electronic
workshops, hosting Science Shows,
and providing Scientific Platform to
showcase student talent.


We provide world-class science activities including materials, instructions and evaluation guides.


We design Science Shows and build a complete science, maths, robotic and electronics labs with hands-on activity posters.


We manage science clubs, provide exhibits, set regular activities and offer mentorship for science championships.

What does an ideal School needs for STEM education?

STEM Needs

  • Modern curriculum requires practical home work activities to master scientific concepts.
  • Classroom teaching needs demonstrating real world science and engineering principles.
  • Students need a platform to showcase their abilities and grow their interest in stem areas.

IDEAL Solution

Science-In-Box, a National Award Winning company, provides world class STEM assignments, complete with Materials and evaluation service. We Setup STEM labs and build a complete science, maths, robotics and electronics lab activity guides. We Manage science clubs – provide STEM kits, set regular activities and provide mentorship.

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We’re fully committed to fulfilling your science education requirements. We’ve set up a membership program designed to break the boundaries of traditional and alternative education and we with constantly working to improve it so that your child will always be ahead of the curve. There’s simply no better environment on offer for your science-hungry child than our membership program here are Science InBox.

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