telescope_smallTELESCOPE KIT

An ideal science gift. An amazing Science Activity for kids, who want to make a telescope which has the same magnification as the Galileo used. The kit has all the parts to make a working telescope. You can see the beauty of moon with craters, galaxy and constellations through it. This kit comes with instruction presented in fun to read comic book, its sure to delight kids.

solarenergy_smallSOLAR ENERGY PROJECT

A worth science kit in a tropical country where you get a lot of sunlight. This kit introduces kids into fascinating world of natural and renewable energy and learn how to harness the power of sun to rotate an electric fan. Such activities instill wonder and fascination towards science and ignite interest in subject. This is an ideal science fair project.

hownoisycanyoube_smallHOW NOISY CAN YOU BE

Tring Tring. Converting electricity into sound energy is how your doorbell works and you are going to learn how to make an electric bell. The kit comes an interesting instruction booklet with a comic story to explain the working of electric bell, An ideal gift for a child who loves to make unique gadgets.

kiddiesciencetoys_smallKIDDIE SCIENCE TOYS

Must have set of popular science toys for kids of younger age. All the toys help to learn science through fun. It contains five wonderful science toys, Each of these explain the scientific principle with the fun of playing. Guided by a comic book, the toys use Magnets, Gravity, Air Pressure, Air jet and Torque to amaze kids.



Learn the biology in a fun way. Make your own Greenhouse with this exciting science kit. This is a working science model of a Greenhouse, complete with a mini pot. You can learn how to grow the plants faster with controlled environment. This amazing kit lets you build a greenhouse which is large enough to grow small plants.



Mix it, squeeze it, stretch it! This Practical Science kit includes everything you need to make your own coloured slime. The Kit allows young chemists to explore states of matter and what goes into gels and polymers. Creating substances that flow and stretch, break and bounce is the awesome end result, but the fun begins in the process.



The working windmill generator has a wind turbine that helps in the extraction of energy from wind. This model of wind mill generator gives an idea of how the wind mill works, this project is assured to provide true knowledge. This kit comes with instruction presented in fun to read booklet, its sure to inspire kids.



Greeting your wishes with the working science cards can be fun. Make it even more exciting by making it yourself a card which glows LEDs when someone opens it, or use your own creativity to do even more. The box comes with all materials and batteries to make a thin card which hides the circuits in a clever way.