Outdoor Exhibits

Made for Hands-on STEM learning

Interactive, fun, and kids-friendly. Age-appropriate for different grades. Engaging, relevant STEM content.

Smart, Flexible Design

Freestanding components and graphics. Appealing materials and neutral color palette. Safe, comfortable, and accessible.

Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

All elements are carefully transported and assembled. Setup is done by experienced staff and takes few hours. Durable materials and minimal maintenance.

Low Cost

Production of multiple, identical copies keeps costs low. Setup price starts from INR 50,000/-.

Reach for the Stars

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We’re fully committed to fulfilling your science education requirements. We’ve set up a membership program designed to break the boundaries of traditional and alternative education and we with constantly working to improve it so that your child will always be ahead of the curve. There’s simply no better environment on offer for your science-hungry child than our membership program here are Science InBox.

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