Lab In Your Pocket

ScienceStation is a pocket lab, that makes learning fun with awesome activities, features and games built into the tiny devic. It has same features as lab equipments, But it is low cost, tiny and fun to use.

  • Digital chapters to learn science concepts
  • Over 14 measurement sensors available
    to connect
  • Comes pre-built with fun activities to
    engage kids

ScienceStation allows students to do fun experiments related to light, electricity, sound, acceleration, force, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature. Using our grade specific activities and concepts, students can easily master science concepts in physics, chemistry and biology.



Build Easy, Learn Faster

Kid friendly robot, specially designed for younger kids.
Our RocketBot just needs a screwdriver to assemble, and comes with pre-loaded program blocks for hours of fun and learning. It’s an ideal starting point for younger kids into the world of robotics.

  • Powerful and stylish – Acrylic Robot chassis with giant wheels
  • Out of Box design – Pre-loaded program blocks for specific functions
  • Get Artistic – Skins and gadgets to decorate your robot



Snap blocks. Learn Electronics. Start Inventing Science Station

Easy-to-use electronic building blocks. Empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small. Our Electronics building blocks come with easy to understand instruction booklets, and are colorcoded, reusable and easy to connect. Learning electronics with our blocks is as easy as
playing with LEGO bricks.