Science-In-Box has developed a set of highly durable 50 interactive working models for the students from 3rd to 10th standard.

These exhibits make the learning alive by connective the science concepts in the text books to working models.

All of these exhibits have hands-on activities associated with them to make learning a fun and all the models can easily be taken in the classroom as a reference teaching aid.

  • Science-In-Box is known for setting up high quality mini science centers at schools with information and activities.
  • Our mini-science-centre includes 50 table-top working models/exhibits along with posters of hands-on activities.
  • Designed by a National Awards winning company for excellence in Education.
  • Designed for students of class 3 to 10 of CBSE, ICSE and International Boards.
  • We also offer detailed lesson plan and activity guides to train teachers to use them as teaching aids in classrooms.