Science Express - Awesome Fun Trip

Discover the fun with learning like never before!

Weekend 3 hrs science trips for 4-14 years, organised by a national award winning company, with loads of hands-on learning fun in Bangalore. The trip will have hands-on science and robotics activities, robot shows, science show and guided science tour to science exhibits.

  • 11:30am and 4pm
  • 11:00am and 3pm

A lot of things you do and learn in Science Express

Magic Chemistry


Wear your chemistry lab coat and learn cool magic tricks, all with simple chemistry. Extremely good , simple , fun and safe for kids.

Forces and Science


Watch the number of science experiments and forces in action that defy logic, be amazed.



Learn about robots, history of robots and modern advancements. Have fun while they follow an object or a line.

 Roller Coster


Learn about potential and kinetic energy.Watch these energies when a marble is released on straight, inclined, circular track and more.


Science Show


This show contains Giant Toothpaste, Smoke Gun, Giant Dinosaur, Large pendulum wave, Robot Dance and more kiddie science.

Learn, Buy and Explore

We let your kids have fun learning in science express show for 3 hour. You let them explore new things by buying our modelshop products, where your kids can make their own models and enjoy science, robotics, electronics and many more.