Pursuit of science and advancement of scientific applications is crucial for human development. Education is an evergreen sector but it misses out on effective science teaching and hands-on learning. Science in Box is a dedicated company for Science Products, Solutions and Services with a service record of more than 1, 00,000 students.

Science in box is managed by a dedicated team and a focused group of Individuals which helps it in becoming expert in “edutainment” (education entertainment), by which we truly engage children in hands on entertaining and educating activities. It is this highly motivated team which lead us to winning the prestigious Indian Education Award (2016) for Edutainment.

Science in box has served 300+ locations (>75% semi urban) since the launch of products and online site in April, 2013 and now we are offering low-cost business opportunity to self-motivated, passionate academicians, experienced professionals, businessmen, budding entrepreneurs, and homemakers to be a part this social business.

Get Started

We believe for being a successful franchisee one should possess the below mentioned qualities:

When you join hands with us as a franchise expect full support from our end in finding the best customers, executing the best programs, and keeping people coming back for more.

For this we will be providing an all-inclusive initial training:

5 Days at the SIB Science Education Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office
This first training course is for the franchise owner. It will be related to management, marketing, sales techniques, programs, personnel policy and organizational business systems. You’ll also gain access to our training videos and manuals.

5 Days Online Training for Franchise Staff
We will not only assist you in selecting, instructing and training, your first instructors and teachers but we will also help you jumpstart operations by assisting in the organization of your first promotional activities.

Ongoing Marketing and Operational Support

  • Telephone and email access to our professional staff during normal working hours / days, as needed.
  • Open communication with other Nutty Scientists franchisees via our intranet and email to share experiences and advice.
  • Initial kit of branded promotional and workshop materials to help with the marketing and development of your business.

Your franchise investment depends on this model.