Exhibits and Fun


Dinosaur Mysteries

In the Dinosaur Fossil exhibit you’re the palaeontologist. We have full size dinosaur’s fossil structures in this exhibit area. Walk under, over, and through a landscape filled with dig pits, a field lab, excavation sites, and other areas of discovery. Our young palaeontologists can uncover long hidden dinosaur’s bones.


Space Zone

Our new space theme exhibit boasts of a planetarium, Mars model and much more permanent exhibit. These exhibits help children attain knowledge space in a fun way.


Einstein’s Alley

A quick walk into Einstein’s Alley will show you why this is one of the Science Centre’s most popular exhibits. Learn about gravity, sound, light, matter, energy, force and motion with Hands-on interactives, understand that


BioChem Lab

In this lab we turn our little visitors into little scientists-donning lab coats and safety goggles and conducting experiments using Test tubes, pipettes, microscopes and more at stations throughout the lab.Learn about Chemical reactions, DNA extraction,explore acids and bases,discover how cells work. Be our little scientist and practice measuring and mixing, pouring and stirring, hypothesizing and observing.


Power Zone

Power Zone is an exhibit on everything electric. Starting from generation to delivery, grids to outlets, and jolts to volts, you’ll be shocked at how power finds its way into everything we do in our everyday lives. Learn generate electricity, build circuits, wire the grid from power plant to home outlet and harness the force of water to make hydro-electricity.


Tinker Zone

Part laboratory, part workshop, The Tinker Zone hosts different drop in activities each day. Learn how things work, how to use different tools, and how to apply your skills to create something new using the design process so visitors can learn new DIY skills or new applications for old ones. Try to engineer solutions to a physical challenge, prototype objects, or engage in design thinking that blend art and science.


Workshop Investigations

Get into a themed exploration of concepts in science! A team of educators will lead an investigation activity that promotes the development of science inquiry and engineering design. Students take home a working science model.


Mind Games and Optical Illusions

Discover what perception-bending illusions reveal about the ways human sensory systems and our brains interact with the world. Take your own camera and explore the fun.


Logic Love

Join our Puzzle Guru for diving deep into Logic! The logic master will throw exciting puzzles and teach the tricks and tips on solving Sudoku, Picture Puzzles, Pattern Puzzles and much more. A right choice for brainy students who crave for logical activities.


Hands-On Chemistry Lab

Put on the safety gloves, glasses and a lab coat to work in a real chemistry lab. Make your own slime, learn to test acids, make oxygen and learn cool chemistry magic tricks. All in a safe environment under expert supervision.


Science Fun Zone

Have fun with coloured shadow, Learn the science of colors, Junior scientists take home a working model. Play with world class Robots, solve exciting puzzles with a guide, drive miniature cars with real fuel engine, challenge your opponents for an exciting science game and much more.


Explore Space

Our Indigenously built Planetarium is a unique setting for bringing the stars, planets and science concepts in a dome shaped indulging environment education shows. Kids will love the content.


Republic Of Pendulums

Shortt clock ,invented in 1921, became a supreme timekeeper. Watch a series of Pendulums dancing together to form patterns as you release them together. Pick a concept or two about the pendulum. Learn the amazing history and present use.


Roller Coaster

Watch the Science of Rolling down and discover how do you control the speed of a cart on a Roller coaster track by changing the energy from potential to kinetic energy and back again many times in a ride. Have some Hands-on with marbles.


Giant Smoke Rings

Watch the biggest-ever-what-you-have-seen Smoke rings. Learn how do we create these vortex rings, circulating masses of fog that can persist and travel over a surprisingly long distance! Have fun while you do that too.

Reach for the Stars

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