Hands-on, enquiry based do-it-yourself science kits with work books.


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Science InBox is the perfect place for Little Scientists to learn experiment, explore and have fun.

It is never too early to start educating Children who are natural born scientists about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These young minds are always curious to learn about the world around them and how things work.

We at Science In Box foster this curiosity in children and re-enforce STEM related subjects in a fun, exciting and practical way in order to allow them to investigate and encourage them to ask questions about the world.

Our diverse curriculum includes age adjusted topics from Earth, Life and Physical Life Science, as well as Engineering. Our creative science workshops are project based with practical hands-on experiments and include take home items and parental notes. We combine education with a practical and fun approach to nurture your child’s natural curiosity.

Reach for the Stars

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We’re fully committed to fulfilling your science education requirements. We’ve set up a membership program designed to break the boundaries of traditional and alternative education and we with constantly working to improve it so that your child will always be ahead of the curve. There’s simply no better environment on offer for your science-hungry child than our membership program here are Science InBox.

Some of Our Activities


Workshop Investigations

Get into a themed exploration of concepts in science! A team of educators will lead an investigation activity that promotes the development of science inquiry and engineering design. Students take home a working science model.


Mind Games and Optical Illusions

Discover what perception-bending illusions reveal about the ways human sensory systems and our brains interact with the world. Take your own camera, flying rockets and explore the fun.


Logic Love

Join our Puzzle Guru for diving deep into Logic! The logic master will throw exciting puzzles and teach the tricks and tips on solving Sudoku, Picture Puzzles, Pattern Puzzles and much more. A right choice for brainy students who crave for logical activities.


Hands-On Chemistry Lab

Put on the safety gloves, glasses and a lab coat to work in a real chemistry lab. Make your own slime, learn to test acids, make oxygen and learn cool chemistry magic tricks. All in a safe environment under expert supervision.


Giant World of Bubbles

Design your own bubble wands to create some unexpected and jaw-dropping shapes. Make giant bubbles or stand inside a giant bubble. Make square bubbles and even make glowing bubbles of different shapes and sizes.


Guided Exploration

Enjoy our experience areas for a fun-filled exploration of hands-on learning. Learn about planets, understand the anatomy of a dinosaur, be amazed by India’s longest musical instrument and see through a giant kaldeidosocope to witness science in action.

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